WAYNE K. JOHNS, B.S., M.A., D/Lieutenant (ret) Michigan State Police, formerly the detective commander for the 8th District of the Michigan State Police. He is President/CEO of Investigative Consultants & Associates, Inc., which was founded in 1983. While serving with the Michigan State Police he was assigned to the Intelligence Section and served in the Attorney Generals Office investigating fraud and major crimes.  He subsequently served in the organized crime and drug enforcement units before being assigned as a field investigator investigating major felonies and later to his position in the 8th District. He is licensed in both Michigan and Wisconsin.


EVAN R. BENNEHOFF SR, Captain (ret) Ingham County Sheriff’s Department.  Prior to being the Division Commander, Evan was Chief of Detectives. He later served as Chief of the State Drug Task Force for ten years, and co-director of several Federal Drug Task Forces. He instructed surveillance and undercover operations for the DEA, FBI, Michigan Police Academy and Lansing Community College. Mr. Bennehoff is a graduate of the FBI Academy. He is the Manistique branch office manager for Investigative Consultants.


KEITH O. CRISLER, D/1st Lieutenant (ret) Michigan State Police was drug enforcement commander for the Upper Peninsula and Northern Lower Michigan. Prior to that Keith was assigned as an investigator to the Attorney General’s Office. He was later assigned to the U. S. Marshals office.


ROBERT F. BALL JR., A.S., B.S., D/Sgt., Michigan State Police (Ret.) is the Branch Office Manager at Calumet. Mr. Ball worked as a Field Investigator in Lower Michigan for 5 years before serving in the same capacity in the western Upper Peninsula for the last 20 years of his career. He successfully worked many high-profile homicide and other felony cases.



PETER W. BUSH, B. S., Captain (ret) Sault Ste. Marie Police Department. Peter was previously the chief of detectives and is a graduate of the FBI Academy.


STEVE J. ERDMAN, Undersheriff (ret), Menominee County Sheriff’s Department, Vice-President of Investigative Consultants & Associates, Inc.. Prior to this position he was a detective lieutenant in charge of investigations. Steve is also the Menominee branch office manager for Investigative Consultants & Associates, Inc.. He is licensed in both Michigan and Wisconsin.


ROBERT A. JAMES, A. S., D/Sgt (ret) Michigan State Police was the field investigator for the Sault Ste. Marie Post where he investigated major felonies. James was trained in the Scientific Content Analysis Technique (SCAN) a systematic method of evaluating written material for its veracity or falsification.


DAVE G. WILSON, B. S., Captain (ret) Escanaba Department of Public Safety, is the Escanaba branch office manager for Investigative Consultants & Associates, Inc.


ROBERT V. KELLY, B.S., Director, Marquette Forensic Laboratory, (Ret) Michigan State Police. As a forensic scientist Mr. Kelly has in the past 30 years processed approximately 13,000 cases and testified as an expert witness in Michigan, Wisconsin Courts as well as Federal Courts. His expertise in addition to examining, identifying powders, tablets, capsules, and liquids for the presence of controlled substances and/or drugs and poisons is microscopic and macroscopic crime scene photography.


DAVID J. HERRICK, Attorney, of Niagara, Wisconsin, is the Resident Agent for Investigative Consultants & Associates, Inc. in the State of Wisconsin.