INVESTIGATIVE CONSULTANTS AND ASSOCIATES, INC. was established in 1983 by former agents of the FBI and former investigators of the Michigan State Police. Since then, ICA has expanded to ten offices in Michigan, and Wisconsin, along with a mutual agreement with Combined Investigative Services in Minnesota. Our group is comprised of professional investigators from Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies. Their backgrounds, education, and experience assure effective handling of the most complicated and challenging investigations. In prior investigations, our group was worked numerous cases in the areas of homicide, sex assault, armed robbery, fraud, white-collar crime, gambling, and illicit drug activities. The skills required in these cases are numerous, and entail extensive surveillance experience, and interview and interrogation techniques. These skill sets were acquired through years of education, training, and experience while engaged in investigative police work, and now are being readily transferred to private investigation fields.




• A first degree reckless homicide case involving two women and a male defendant was investigated by two ICA agents. Despite facts that were developed by the investigators clearly showing that a legitimate self-defense was present, the defendant was convicted of the charge. A subsequent appeal of the guilty verdict resulted in the release of the defendant, based on a review of relevant facts not presented at trial. (None of these facts were presented at trial; thus, the jury was not afforded the opportunity to consider these important facts in reaching their verdict.)


The appellate judge’s final statement at the hearing was, “Had the genders been reversed, no jury in this nation would have convicted him.”


• ICA agents were retained by a client who had been wrongfully convicted of embezzlement. The client had also lost his appeal of the conviction. It was subsequently determined that no funds were missing or inappropriately converted to the defendant's use. Separate reviews of the records by two certified public accountants revealed that the defendant client was actually owned money by the company from which he was accused of embezzling money. The statute under which the defendant was convicted gave the defendant the right to collect fees, deduct expenses, and write a personal check to the company. This was done with the authority and permission of the Directors of the company. The case is now in the process of rectifying the errors.


None of the facts developed by ICA investigators had been presented at trial, thus denying the jury to consider those facts that would have likely exonerated the defendant.


• ICA agents were assigned to investigate a criminal case where the defendant was charged with breaking and entering with intent to commit a sexual assault. After a thorough investigation in which many flaws were found in the accuser's statements to police, the accuser was interviewed, and then recanted her statement and dropped the charges against the defendant with whom she had a close previous relationship All charges were dismissed by the Prosecuting Attorney.




• ICA agents were assigned to investigate a criminal charge of felonious assault against a defendant. Witness statements provided to police were examined, and it was found that the information contained in the statements were inconsistent with the alleged observations. An examination of the scene of the alleged offense revealed the inconsistency. The stated observations were impossible due to the physical impossibility to observe the event. After further interview, witnesses admitted the falsity of their statements. Charges were dropped by the prosecutor.


• Another investigation involved the defense of a thoracic surgeon. The plaintiff, who had been injured in an accident, was alleging negligence or incompetence on the part of the thoracic surgeon. He alleged that because of damage to his chest area caused by surgeon, he did not have enough strength to live a normal life with his wife and children. Using photographic equipment, the investigator was able to monitor and record several hours of the plaintiff’s normal physical activity, such as mowing his lawn and doing mechanical work on his car. At the conclusion of a three day circuit court trial the jury found in favor of the defense with a “no cause” verdict.


• An agent of ICA was assigned to investigate for a major truck rental company the suspected thefts of diesel tractors from major cities in Illinois and Ohio. Developing investigative leads in the neighboring state of Indiana and engaging law enforcement in Wisconsin resulted in the execution of search warrants resulting in the recovery of twenty-one stolen diesel tractors at the Wisconsin site. Continued investigation by ICA agents and law enforcement recovered an additional 8 stolen diesel tractors in the U.S and Canada.


• ICA agents were assigned to investigate a criminal case where the client/defendant was charged with multiple counts of criminal sexual assault involving two female minors. After extensive investigation, numerous witnesses to the alleged claims by the victims were located and interviewed. Claims of sexual assault by the victims were found to be untruthful after investigation by ICA agents. While the client faced possible life in prison, he was found not guilty of all charges when all of the evidence was presented at trial.